HVAC Repair:

If your furnace is not operating properly, you may be experiencing high electric bills, ineffective heating or repetitive switching on and off. Whatever the symptoms, the furnace repair experts at Ice Cold Air LLC can diagnose and repair whatever is ailing your home heating system. Our experience covers all the top brands including:

Commercial HVAC:

Garmer Industries Commercial HVAC (Air Conditioning & Heating) Long Island understands the importance quality air systems have on the success of your business. Maintaining a comfortable and healthy indoor environment, results in improved coworker productivity and more satisfied customers. We specialize in the following commercial air conditioning and heating HVAC services:

  • New construction: Design build / Plan & Spec.
  • Existing buildings: Equipment Replacement /redesigns / relocations
  • Diagnostics and repair: Certified fleet of service technicians
  • Scheduled on-site maintenance: Monthly, quarterly, annually for your commercial air conditioning and heating systems.

Commercial air conditioning and heating HVAC systems need to be high quality while delivering the most cost-effective approach. If you are a property manager, building owner, tenant or other, Garmer Industries air conditioning and heating will meet with your company to determine your commercial air conditioning and heating needs to ensure you get the best quality care and proper equipment. We will plan/build and design/spec any job. We will perform routine check-ups to make sure any problems get quickly resolved.

Commercial air conditioning / heating labor contracts and maintenance agreements are available and specifically tailored to your specific business applications. Please see our Air Conditioning and Heating Service Agreements section for more details.

We design and install commercial HVAC (air conditioning and heating) systems for:

  • Existing buildings
  • Renovated buildings
  • Newly Constructed buildings
  • Designing and planning for future construction

All of our commercial Air Conditioning and Heating installations include:

  • Properly sized equipment based on the square footage and a load calculations performed on your building
  • Properly sized ductwork for the determined system(s)
  • Properly sized diffusers in requested areas with adjustable dampers
  • Rigging services for equipment located on the building’s roof

We have been able to provide solutions for multiple tenants occupying a single space by installing control systems and special dampers. Allowing multiple offices to control their own temperatures from their OWN thermostats.


If your furnace has stopped warming up your cozy room or is giving you high electric bills, then drop a call to us, and your furnace will be receive expert servicing by our company. We expertise in HVAC repair and HVAC installation as well. So, if you are about to install a nice furnace in your living room, our expert servicing will blow your mind!

HVAC Installation:

If you feel your HVAC system isn't performing optimally, or it's been awhile since your last professional HVAC inspection, it could be time to contact the experts at Ice Cold LLC. Our heating and cooling technicians are dedicated to educating each and every one of our customers on the latest and safest methods of HVAC repairs and replacement, and we'll work with you one-on-one to ensure you have a thorough understanding of your system.